Collision Theory For Rates of Chemical Reactions

Basic Introduction To Collision Theory Collision theory is used to explain how a chemical reaction occurs and what happens (at a particle-level) when a chemical reaction takes place. The collision theory states that: (Important!!) For a reaction to take place, the reactant particles HAVE to collide. Not all collisions will result in a chemical reaction …

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Speed of Reaction

The speed of reaction (rate of reaction) is important in the chemical industry and everyday life as it measures how fast the reaction takes place. Different reactions occur at different speeds. The higher the speed of reaction, the faster the rate of manufacturing large amounts of required products. Example of a reaction with a slow speed …

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Chemical Reactions

Sub-topics: Speed of Reaction Determining Speed of a Chemical Reaction Collision Theory For Rates of Chemical Reactions Factors Affecting Rate Of Chemical Reaction Redox Reaction Assigning & Calculating Oxidation States Test For Oxidizing and Reducing Agents Reversible Reaction Back To O Level Chemistry